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Network Management

Network Management Module

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Network Management Module

Network Management module


The SPEED-NMS module is the central management hub of the SPEED-CARRIER system. Configuration and monitoring of integrated modules are performed by a web-interface (Web GUI), SNMP or Command Line Interface. Using the corresponding Pan Dacom Direkt‘s MIB table the SPEED-CARRIER can be integrated into existing SNMP based management systems. With extensive monitoring features (such as transceivers RX-/TX-level, temperature etc.) the system status can be analyzed while in use. In the event of a change in actual status SNMP traps are sent. Furthermore the SPEED-NMS module supports an intuitive web interface which encrypts all data transfers (HTTPS). This enables an easy configuration and provides a consolidated overview of the entire system. For quick troubleshooting all slots and ports are color-coded within the web interface according to their status. In addition an „Active Alarms List“ is available which shows an overview of all the critical states. All alarms are stored in an alarm history, which identifies inactive alarms subsequently. Individual port labels enable a fast assignment of errors to a client or service. Physical access to the SPEED-NMS module is provided by a RS232 interface or an integrated 4-port Ethernet switch supporting two 10/100BaseTX and two SFP ports


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