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OM1 Optical Power Monitor

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OM1 Optical Power Monitor

OM1 Optical Power Monitor

The OM1 Optical Power Meter constantly monitors the optical power level in a live optical network. It is inserted between the link receiver, or the input of a WDM system, and the dark fibre. Variations of the optical power level are immediately detected and can trigger alarms. The alarm thresholds are individually adapted to the fibre under test. Due to the high resolution, even tight bending of a fibre is detected. Therefore, the OM1 can be used to detect fibre intrusion attacks which use bend couplers to extract light from the fibre for (unauthorized) data monitoring. In principle the extracted light is missing at the far end of the fibre. That missing light is detected. Operators may use the OM1 to provide enhanced services, because an alarm is generated when a fibre is degraded, even before a total failure. The OM1 can be used to relate fibre problems to a certain carrier. For this purpose OM1’s are strategically placed at the exchange point between carriers and at each endpoint. If the level changes at some point in the middle it is quickly determined which section is at fault. Typical applications include permanent monitoring of many fibres in parallel. A shelf can hold 10 modules to monitor 20 fibres simultaneously.

OM1 Optical Power Monitor schematic


  • Optical Power Meter
  • Resolution: +/- 0.1 dB
  • Insertion Loss: < 0.5 dB
  • 1310nm & 1550nm bands
  • Detect “whether” something happens on the fibre
  • Accurate power level measurement (0.1 Db)
  • Two independent channel (Tx / Rx)
  • Low insertion loss of about 0.5dB
  • independent of data rates or applications in use
  • Measures live fibre
  • WDM and 10G compatible
  • Fits every WDM system
  • Available as Stand-Alone unit


Measurement Channel: Two independent measurement channels. E.g. receive level & transmit level of a duplex cable or receive power level of two independent lines.
Transmission Window: 1200nm – 1650nm
Measurement Wavelength: 1270nm – 1610nm (extended CWDM band, DWDM band)
Resolution, Accuracy: 0.1 dB, 0.5 dB
Sensitivity: -40 dBm – +20 dBm (-45 dBm - +25 dBm with reduced accuracy)
Insertion Loss: < 0.5 dB, typ. 0.3dB
Data Rate: Independent. 10Gbit/s compatible, WDM compatible, Third party compatible
Test Functions: Selectable min/max thresholds independent for both channels
Dimensions, Weight: 129mm x 25mm x 190mm (H x W x D) Approx; ~ 200g
Data security: The OM1 cannot be used to read out optical data. Reset or software download will not interrupt data transmission through the module. Eavesdropping on the optical data via the management system is not possible. The module continues to transfer data even under loss of power or when removed from the shelf. Therefore, reliability is not compromised by adding the OM1 into the data stream.
Safety and Certifications: CE conform, FCC part 15, DOC, CDRH 21 CFR 1040, Laser class 1M product, no laser source inside