1G 3x SD-SDI Video TDM Module

1G 3x SD-SDI Video TDM Module

The 1G 3x SD-SDI Video TDM Module is a part of the MICROSENS 10G transport platform. The line rate is 1.25 Gb/s which is compatible with all of MICROSENS Gigabit Ethernet aggregation modules. Access ports can auto sense between SD-SDI or DVB-ASI traffic. The module is hot-swappable and takes 2 slots in the MICROSENS chassis. On the Client side it uses coaxial BNC interfaces and on the Line side, it uses SFP. An optional Optical Supervisory Channel (OSC) is available for remote management. The module aggregates up to three uncompressed SD-SDI video signals or up to three DVB-ASI or any combination of them. Service Providers addressing the market for video distribution and Media companies wishing to transport multiple uncompressed SD-SDI or DVB-ASI signals between different sites using fibre optic are typical users of this module. Uncompressed video is mainly used in pre- and post-production, editing and in broadcasts of live events. The key benefit of this module is elimination of the need for compressing video signals before transport which is important in applications where high video quality is required. Compression of video signals results in a loss of quality. It allows customers to aggregate and transport a mix of video signals together with SONET/SDH/TDM and Ethernet traffic on a single wavelength. Using aggregation of multiple protocols reduces the number of wavelengths in the network and provides a lower cost compared to other alternatives.

1G 3x SD-SDI Video TDM Module schematic


  • SDI Video aggregation and transport over optical network
  • Long haul transport without signal degradation
  • Ideal solution for pre/post production video distribution
  • Transport uncompressed digital video signals, regardless of format, over distances of up to 2000 km
  • Efficient transport with aggregation of up to 24 SD-SDI (270 Mb/s), or DVB-ASI (270 Mb/s)
  • Add and Drop or Drop and Continue for delivery to multiple sites with only a single wavelength

Live Demo of FRM220 Chassis

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