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10G 8x Gigabit TDM

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10G 8x Gigabit TDM

10G 8x Gigabit TDM

The 8 port Gigabit TDM aggregates via time-division multiplexing (TDM) up to eight channels into a 10G Gigabit data stream and supports both Gigabit Ethernet and 1G Fibre Channel. Thus the transmission capacity of a 10G system can be significantly increased and maximized. The transmission on the line side can be achieved with standard XFP modules, or even with integrated DWDM Fixed Fibre Interfaces (FFI). For redundant or ring applications, the line interface can also be redundant. With the optional FEC-function (Forward Error Correction) great distances of 120 km and more can be achieved. For the exchange of network management information, the module has an integrated 10 Mbps data channel (in-line remote management), which will be transferred without restriction of the eight 1 Gigabit channels and is used for the coupling of the management modules via Ethernet. In addition, this Ethernet channel may be used for service purposes.

10G 8x Gigabit TDM schematic


  • TDM aggregation up to 8x Gigabit Ethernet or 1G Fibre Channel
  • Optional 1 +1 Line Protection
  • Improved transmission performance by FEC
  • Reducing the wavelengths in DWDM networks
  • Increase transmission capacity of existing WDM network
  • 10G transport modules are ideally suited for optical metropolitan, regional and long haul networks
  • Increase in bandwidth capacity at low cost
  • Single module for aggregation of most commons service types
  • Efficient multiplexing that supports aggregation of multiple service types onto a single wavelength
  • Supports a wide variety of applications with a single module simplifying inventory and sparing
  • Optional Electrical Add Drop functionality

NB: There is also a 10G GBE TDM with Line Protection version available.