10G 4 HD-SDI Video TDM Module

10G 4 HD-SDI Video TDM Module

The 10G Video TDM module aggregates up to four HD-SDI or SD-SDI channels with one GBE and one FE on one 10 Gbps wavelength. Multiple wavelengths can be muxed together with WDM (Wave Division Multiplexing) and transported over fibre. Each video port auto-senses between SDI, HD-SDI-PAL, HD-SDI-NTSC signals and is individually configurable.  It aggregates up to four HD-SDI or SD-SDI with one GbE and on eFE on one 10 Gb/s wavelength. The aggregation module eliminates the need for network edge elements such as SDI encoders and ATM switches that are traditionally required for native video transport. Furthermore, it simplifies the carrier network and reduces the operational cost of managing new and complex network elements. The module is hot-swappable and takes 3 slots in a MICROSENS chassis. On the Client side it uses Coaxial BNC interfaces for SDI ports, a standard RJ-45 port for FE and SFP for the GBE port. On the Line side, it uses XFP or FFI (40km, 60km and 80kms B&W or DWDM) or tunable FFI interfaces. The Aggregation and Transport module is also available with a second Line interface that provides 1 + 1 protection.

10G 4 HD-SDI Video TDM Module schematic


  • Aggregates up to four HD-SDI or SD-SDI, one GBE and one FE and transports them over 10 Gbps wavelength
  • Ideal for broadcast or professional studio applications
  • Cost-effective streaming of video signals over fibre cables
  • Remote management with embedded 10 Mbps DCC
  • Optional 1+1 line protection
  • XFP line interface or FFI interface (1550 nm [B&W] or DWDM line interface)
  • DDM (Digital Diagnostic Monitoring)
  • Remote Management with embedded l0Mb/s DCC
  • TDM multiplex of 1GbE, 1 FE, 4 Video access
  • 6 SD/HD-SDI ports over 1x10G line if GbE and FE are not required
  • Hot-swappable

Live Demo of FRM220 Chassis

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