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Home Products Multiplexers SDH iSAP5100 4.5U STM1/E1 Managed Multiplexer

iSAP5100 4.5U STM1/E1 Managed Multiplexer

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iSAP5100 4.5U STM1/E1 Managed Multiplexer

iSAP5100 4.5U STM1 E1 Managed Multiplexer

The iSAP5100 is a 4.5U 19” 18 slots rack type STM1 / E1 Time Division Multiplexer for fractional E1 network access, which is designed for nonstop operation. There are 18 slots available for hot-swappable iSAP5100 I/O cards. Two slots are provided for CPU Controller cards and two slots are provided for power supplies. Uplink supports STM1 fibre and E1 copper, two types of connection, maximum up to 144x E1 cross connect for Voice and Data. The iSAP5100 accommodates up to two separate power supplies, which may derive power from AC (110/220) or DC (-36~72V) power sources. When two power supplies are installed, the modules provide complete power redundancy and are hot swappable even during the E1 cards' transmission. The iSAP5100 provides STM1 fibre and E1 copper uplink with a the maximum E1 support of up to 96 E1 channels with cross connection for Voice and Data or interface including RS232, V.35, G703/64K, FXS, FXO, ET100 and E&M.


iSAP5100 4.5U STM1 E1 Managed Multiplexer schematic


  • Supports STM1 and E1 uplink
  • Supports MAX. 144xE1 with full cross-connect ; Supports DS0 cross-connect
  • Supports 16 channel main E1 LTU card
  • Supports E1 time slot broadcast function
  • Modular design for voice IO card, supports 8-port FXO/FXS
  • All modules and cards support hot-swapping
  • Multi-Interface: DCE card types included Nx64k(V35) RS232 (Sync/Async), V.35 G703-64K, ET100, E&M, FXO, FXS...etc
  • Supports console telmet, GUI and SNMP management
  • Available types of power built-in : AC+AC, AC+DC, DC+DC
  • Modular design, 4.5U 19”, 18-slot for IO cards

Interface Cards:

  • Control card: 5100-MS-DM-96, 5100-MS-DM-155
  • E1 card: 5100-8E1, 5100-16E1
  • Power modules: 5100-AC240, 5100-DC240
  • I/O cards: 5100-RS232, 5100-RS232/C, 5100-G703/64K, 5100-V35, 5100-ET100, 5100-E&M, 5100-FXS, 5100-FXO


Interface: 10/100Base-TX Ethernet RJ45 port
Console: RS232
E1 Cross Connect: 144xE1 Transparent cross connect , Supports E1 time slot mapping / broadcast function
CAS Cross Connect: Supports 16 time slot CAS follow voice time cross connect

Interface: Supports 1-port STM-1 155M SFP Slot on CPU card, CPU redundancy (1+1)
NMS: 10/100Base-TX
Console: RS232
E1 Cross Connect: 155M fibre to 63E1 and 144xE1 cross connect, supports E1 /time slot mapping/broadcast function
CAS Cross Connect: Supports time slot 16 CAS follow voice time cross connect
STM-1/E1 Drop / Insert: Supports STM-1 63E1*32TS to E1/IO slot 128E1*32TS connection

5100-8E1 / 5100-16E1
Interface: Supports 8E1/16E1 interface
Line Impedance: 120 / 75 ohms
Frame format: CAS (PCM30)/CCS (PCM31)
Connector: RJ45

Data rate: ≤38.4kbps Async or 64/128kbps Sync
Ports: 6-port
Interface: RS232

Interface types: V.35
Connector: HD68F (female) with cable adapter
Line code: NRZ
Data rate: Nx64kbps

Data rate: 9600bps, 19.2Kbps Sync/Async
Ports: 6-port
Interface: RS232

Data rate: 64Kbps, Co-directional/Contra-directional and Centra-directional
Ports: 4-port
Connector: RJ45

Standards: IEEE 802.3, 802.3u
Data rate: 10/100Mbp
Encapsulation: HDLC
Ports: 4-port
Connector: RJ45

Loop current: 25 mA, maximum 70mA
Ports: 8-port
Connector: RJ45

ITU-T Standard: G.712/G.713/G.714
Line resistance: 600Ω
Off-hook current: 25mA
Line distance: 2km
Ports: 8-port
On-hook current: 10mA+/-3mA
Effective Ring: Frequency: 25Hz; Voltage: 75V, peak to peak 110V; MAX line resistance: 1500Ω
Connector: RJ45

ITU-T Standard: G.712, G.713, G.714
Line resistance: 600Ω
Line distance: 2km
Ports: 8-port
Caller ID: Supports DTMF, FSK Standard
Connector: RJ45

Electrical & Mechanical
Dimensions: 350 × 440 × 187 mm (D x W x H)
Operating: 0~60°C Storage:-25~70°C
Humidity: 10~90%, non-condensing
Power: AC 220V : 165~265V, 50~60Hz; AC 110V, AC 220V : 90~265V,50~60Hz
Power Consumption: < 90W


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