SDH04A 1U, STM 4 / STM 1 NG-SDH ADM Rack

1U, STM 4 / STM 1 NG-SDH ADM Rack

The SDH04A is a compact NG-SDH device which supports STM-1/4 ADM and offers various tributary interfaces like E1/T1, V.35, FE/GbE, E3/ T3…etc to provide any service in any slot. The SDH04A is suitable for the applications of GSM/UMTS base station radio access networks (RAN) / MSAN and wireless backhaul. The SFP cage design in SDH04A offers the plug-and-play flexibility to change fibre modules for different bit rate and higher availability to use off-the-shelf fibre modules. The SDH04A is a 1U standard form factor making it easy to fit in any 19” or 23” chassis and outdoor cabinet; Although the SDH04A is a compact NG-SDH box, it also has similar flexibility of shelf-type SDH equipment, such as hot-swappable tributary cards / fibre modules / power modules and 1+1 load-sharing redundant power design. In order to supply reliable networks to carry more upcoming broadband services from wireless / HSDPA base stations to central office, the SDH04A provides carrier-grade Ethernet (E-Line) bundled with L2 functions to totally control QoS between end to end.

SDH04A 1U, STM 4 / STM 1 NG-SDH ADM Rack schematic


  • SDH04A provides multiple service solutions with standard STM-1/4 interfaces (SDH ADM/TM).
  • Multiple hot-swappable tributary modules in any combination:
    • 4-channels E1 card (QE1R/B)
    • 8-channels E1/T1 card (8ET)
    • 8-channels E1 card (8E1R)
    • 4-ports Ethernet switch over SDH interface card (QSW)
    • 4-ports Gigabit Ethernet switch card (GbE)
    • 4-ports V.35 Data communication Interface card (QV35)
    • Single port E3/T3 interface card (ET3)
  • 4 slots to support combinations of traffics in a 1U-height box
  • Ethernet traffic is encapsulated and transported over SDH using Generic Framing Procedure (GFP) & Virtual Concatenation (VCAT)
  • Hot swappable fibre optical module in SFP with optional 1+1 automatic protection switching (APS) for optical links.
  • Automatic Laser Shutdown (ALS) based on ITU-T G.958/G.664.
  • Data Communication Channel for remote control and online remote upgrade.
  • Various network management interfaces: RS-232/ Ethernet/ LCD
  • 1+1 Redundant AC/DC power modules with load sharing.
  • Cross connect for TDM traffic (E1 & V.35)
  • EMS tool for SDH04A series (GMS)
  • DHCP Client/Telnet/httpd for NMS port
  • Keypad Lock/ Password for LCD security


Ethernet Tributary Interface (QSW)

Data rate: 4CH x 10/100Mbps with auto negotiation
Compliance: ITU-T G.7041 GFP-F, G.707 VCAT, IEEE 802.3x, 802.1p, 802.1q (Q-in-Q),802.3ad
Mode: L2 Switch 100Mbps throughput
Connector: RJ-45


V.35 Tributary Interface (QV35)

Data rate: 4CHx Nx64Kbps (N=1~32)
Compliance: ITU-T V.35, ITU-T G.703
Clock Source: External, Internal and Recovery
Control Signal: DSR, CTS, DCD, RL, LL …
Test Loops: Local/remote line/terminal/V.54 loopback
Connector: DB44 connector (DB44 to M34 converter cable)

E1 Tributary Interface (QE1B)


Bit rate: 4CHx2.048Mbps±50ppm
Compliance: ITU-T G.703, G.704, G.706, G.732, G.823
Impedance (connector): 75Ω(BNC)
Line code: HDB3 / AMI

E3 /DS3 Tributary Interface (ET3)


Bit rate: 34.368 / 44.736 Mbps±20ppm
Compliance: ITU-T G.703, G.823, G.824
Impedance(connector): 75Ω(BNC)
Line code: HDB3 / B3ZS
Software selectable E3/DS3 mode

8E1/ T1 Tributary Interface (8ET)


Bit rate: 8CHx2.048Mbps±50ppm /1.544Mbps±50ppm
Impedance(connector): 120/100Ω software selective (wire-wrap)



Gigabit Ethernet interface (GbE)

Connector: 2xRJ45 + 2x SFP
Compliance: 802.3z, 802.3x, 802.1p,802.3u, 802.3, G.7041 GFP-F Up to 1Gbps throughput, 802.1Q VLAN support for the full 4096 VLAN ID Up to 8K MAC address, Port trunking, Traffic rate control, loopback test



Power card

AC Power Card
Input Voltage: AC90V ~ 260V
Input Frequency: 47 ~ 63Hz
Power: 27W Max
DC Power Card
Input Voltage: DC-

Management Interface
Protocol: VT-100 ANSI/ Telnet and SNMP (EMS)
Craft interface: RS232 Asyc. (EIA561)
Telnet//SNMP/httpd: 10/100 BaseT (RFC 1406)
LCD: 2 X 16 LCD display with key control

Operation Requirement
Operating temperature: 0 ~ 55°C
Humidity: 0% ~ 100% (100% at 30°C)
MTBF: > 50000 hours
EMI: CISPR 22 class A
ESD: IEC-61000-4-2 level 2
Lightening and Surge: IEC-61000-4-5 class

Dimension & Weight
(WxDxH): 442 x 312 x 44mm 1U, 19" rack mount/ wall mount/ standalone
Weight: 3.7kg

Power Consumption
27W in full load

Live Demo of FRM220 Chassis

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