FMUX01A/Plus 100M PDH Fibre Optic Multiplexer

16 Channel E1/T1, Data, Voice Plus 100M Ethernet MultiplexerEnd of Life

The FMUX01A/Plus is a 1U, 19" rack mountable, PDH fibre optic multiplexer that transmits up to 16 channels plus a wire speed 100Base-TX Fast Ethernet channel over a single fibre optic link. The FMUX01A/Plus chassis is available in five different power configurations: single AC, single DC, dual AC, dual DC or AC+DC. The AC supplies operate from 90~260VAC while DC supplies operate from 36~72VDC or 20~60VDC. From the rear of the chassis, one to four hot swappable quad E1 or T1 line cards, serial data communications (V.35, X.21, RS-530) or FXO/FXS voice cards are supported. The standard FMUX01A/Plus configuration may be viewed or set via the front panel LCD/menu keys, serial VT-100 terminal connection, Telnet or SNMP.

FMUX01A Plus 100M Ethernet Multiplexer schematic


  • 1U, 19 (23)” 4 slot chassis
  • 16 E1 (2.048Mb/s) Multiplexer, 100Mbps Ethernet and RS-232 data (async)
  • RS-232 port for system console
  • One alarm output port, one Order Wire port
  • SNMP management
  • LCD plus menu keys for local configuration
  • 2 plug-in I/O slots for optical interface cards

Specifications for available Modules:

Fibre Optical Module interface

Fibre Optical Module Interface

Ports: 1 + 1 ports (redundant)
Fibre Cable: 9/ 125 um for single mode ; 50/ 125 or 62.5/ 125 for multi-mode
System Power Gain: > 25dB@1*10-10
Wavelength Range: 1280 — 1550nm
Connector: SC, FC, ST


FXO and FXS Module Interface

FXO/FXS Module Interface

Standards: G.711 A-law
Voice channel: T.38 and Group III Fax relay at 2.4 ~14.4kbps Fax application transparent
Distance: 300m
Bandwidth: 64K voice channel
Connector: RJ11*4 (4 v oice channel /per unit)
Receive Level: Short haul - 15dB
Internet application: Support modem pass-through


E1 Wire-Wrap

E1 BNC & E1 Wire-Wrap Module Interfaces

Standards: ITU-T G.703, G.704, G.706, G.732
Ports: 4 ports
Framing: Unframed ( clear channel )
Data rate: 2.048 Mbps ± 50 ppm
Line code: HDB3/AMI
Receive Level: Short haul - 15dB
Line impedance: 75 ohms ± 5% / 120 ohms ± 5%
Connector: RJ-45 for 120 ohms BNC for 75 ohms Wirewrap for 120 ohms

Datacom interface

Datacom Module Interface

Standards: N/A
Card Type: V.35/ RS-530 (Include X.21 and RS-449) / RS-232 I/F
Bit rate: n x 64K, n = 1 to 32; V.35 & RS-530 up to 2Mbps; RS-232 up to 128Kbps (SYNC); V.35H & RS-530H up to 8Mbps
Line code: NRZ
Clock Mode: Transparent, Recovery; External (From data port); Internal (From oscillator)
Control Signal: CTS always On or follows RTS; DSR constantly ON, except during test loops (RS-530 DSR always connect to DTR); DCD constantly ON,except during fibre signal loss
Test Loops: Local loop back, Remote loop back, V.54
Connector: Type Uses HD-68 pin D type Female with adapter cables

T1 RJ45

T1 RJ45 Module Interface

Standards: ITU-T G.703, G.704, AT&T TR-62411,ANSI T1.403
Ports: 4 ports
Framing: Unframed ( clear channel )
Data rate: 1.544 Mbps ±50 ppm
Line code: B8ZS / AMI
Receive Level: Short haul - 15dB
Line impedance: 100 ohms ±5%
Connector: RJ-45 for 100 ohms Wirewrap for 100 ohms


Optical Interface:

Connector: 1x9 (SC, ST, FC)
Data rate:
Bit Error Rate: Less than 10-11
Fibre: MM 62.2/125μm, 50/125μm. SM 9/125μm
Distance: MM 2km. SM 15/30/50/80/120km, WDM 20/40/60/80km
Wavelength: 1310, 1550nm

Electrical Interface:

Console, SNMP : RJ45
Ethernet : 2 x RJ45
Alarm : RS232 (DB9F)

Standard: E1:ITU-T, T1:ITU-T, AT&T, ANSI, Ethernet: IEEE802.3x
Indication: PWR, Alarm, LBK, RD, LCK, RNG, ACO, Port, Channels
Power input: AC : 100 ~240V; DC24 : 20 ~ 60V, DC48 : 36 ~ 72V
Power Consumption: < 40W
Dimensions: 250 x 438 x 43mm (DxWxH)
Weight: 3.58 kg
Temperature: 0~50°C (Operating) ,0~70°C (Storage)
Humidity: 10~90% non-condensing
Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS
MTBF: 57,350 hours

Live Demo of FRM220 Chassis

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