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XMC22, 23 & 25 Subracks

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XMC22, 23 & 25 Subracks

XMC22 23 25 Subracks

The XMC22, 23 and 25 subracks of the hybrid Multi-Service platform XMC20 system provide comprehensive Multi-Service features in compact casings. With the XMC20, highly available network nodes are realized to provide data interfaces as well as transport interfaces. This makes the XMC20 ideally fit for mission-critical telecommunication networks in railways/metros, utilities, gas and oil pipeline operators, air traffic management or homeland security. The XMC20 provides extreme reliability, compact designs and unique flexibility. With the full hybrid system architecture, XMC20 integrates Ethernet and traditional services in one single network element. The subracks are the basic elements of the system. They provide 4, 8 or 21 slots for core units, line cards and gateways. By this, it is possible to perfectly adapt the network node to local requirements.


  • 21, 8 or 4 slots for different installation types
  • Uplink to transport network with n x 10 GbE or PDH/SDH
  • Ethernet and native
  • TDM interfaces in one compact network element
  • Hot Standby of the core unit with switchover times below 50 ms
  • Designed for operation in outdoor cabinets
  • Fanless operation possible
  • Provision, configuration and monitoring with an intuitive network management system

Hybrid architecture - The hybrid system architecture of the XMC20 subracks allows migration from PDH/SDH to Ethernet/IP as well as parallel operation of both network types. The platform provides electrical and optical Ethernet interfaces as well as a number of traditional data and language interfaces. For exchanges between technologies, gateway units are available which transform packet-based data for transmission in connection-based networks and vice versa.

Fanless operation - The subracks and the installed cards can be operated without a mandatory fan. This achieves maximum availability because mechanically stressed components like fans may fail and hence strongly reduce the availability.

MPLS-TP - With MPLS-TP, the XMC20 provides data paths also in Ethernet based transport networks which guarantee pre-determined transmission behaviour. By this, the XMC20 achieves highest availability also in Ethernet transport networks known from SDH technology

Safety/redundancy - To guarantee maximum availability of services, the subracks XMC25 and XMC23 can be installed with redundant core units. They automatically align the configuration data of the services in the MIB (Management Information Base) so that in case of failure, the reserve unit can simply take over the function. By this, service failures can be recovered in less than 50 ms. XMC20 uses a distributed power supply concept with decentralized power supplies on each unit. This protects against a total failure by an error in a central network part. To integrate external alarms, XMC25 provides 12 alarm inputs and 2 alarm outputs which are integrated in the management. XMC23 provides 12, XMC22 provides 4 alarm inputs.

Management - All XMC20 functions are configured, managed and monitored centrally via the management solutions UNEM/ECST. Additionally, local access is available (CLI, XML, SNMP).



  • Number of slots (for line cards): up to 20 on XMC25; up to 7 on XMC23; up to 3 on XMC22
  • Slots for core units with redundancy: Max. 2 on XMC25 & XMC23; Max. 1 (no redundancy) on XMC22
  • Slots for media gateways with redundancy: Max. 2 on all units
  • Supported fan unit: COOL4 on XMC25; COOL6 on XMC23 & COOL8 on XMC22

Capacity features:

  • Capacity Ethernet star per slot: 2 x 10 GbE + 2 x 1 GbE 1 GbE
  • SDH capacity: up to STM-16

Dimensions (W x D x H) and Weights:

  • Required height units: 8 HE (with cabling) on XMC25; 4 HE on XMC23 & 2,2 HE on XMC22
  • With front cover and cable stacking;
    • XMC25 - 482,6 x 306 x 309,5 mm, 7.690 g
    • XMC23 - 482,6 x 306 x 176,1 mm, 5.340 g
    • XMC22 - 482,6 x 306 x 95 mm, 3.600 g
  • Cable stacking:
    • XMC25 - 482,6 x 240 x 87,1 mm, 870 g
    • XMC23 & XMC22 - contained in 19“ adapter
  • Heat sink:
    • XMC25 - 482,6 x 237 x 87,8 mm, 1.580 g
    • Not required on XMC23 & XMC22
  • Construction type and design: 19“- und ETSI assembly


  • Electromagnetic tolerance: EN 55022, Class B
  • Safety: IEC/EN 60950-1


  • ECST: For local management
  • UNEM: For central network management

Power Supply Input Voltage nominal (min/max): –48/–60 V DC (–39,5 V DC … –72 V DC)

Operating Environment:

  • Operating temperature range: –25 °C … +60 °C
  • Humidity: In accordance with class 3.2, up to 95 %, without condensation