The UMUX Multi-Service Access System

UMUX 1500

The UMUX family is a Next-Generation Multi-Service Access System that is deployed by public and private network operators worldwide in over 100 countries. Providing a variety of applications it offers extensive multi-service capabilities, ranging from traditional data services to VoIP media gateway functions. UMUX offers V5.x and VoIP media gateway functions and therefore supports seamless migration from traditional voice services to VoIP.

Several tens of thousands of network elements are active in telecommunication networks with railways, energy suppliers, at airports, alongside of pipelines and with telecommunication service providers. Since its introduction, UMUX is in a constant process of new feature development and is adapted to our customers’ requirements continuously. UMUX is a robust system that is perfect for outdoor applications. It covers numerous applications, from data and Ethernet services to VoIP Media Gateway functionality.

UMUX combines the provision of carrier-grade multi-service on copper and optical fibre with multiplex and aggregation features in one single network element. The services available incorporate conventional telephony, business accesses and leased connections as well as new services such as Ethernet connections and Voice over IP. The integrated SDH, Gigabit Ethernet and ATM functionality for connection to the backbone network makes it an integral component of any transport network. The UMUX solution ensures lowest cost of ownership by combining these characteristics with an extensive management system and simple handling.

UMUX 1200

With subracks available in two sizes, different desktops and numerous control and interface modules, the UMUX platform can be configured for operation in any network topology and for any kind of service. All line cards can be used in both subracks to achieve maximum flexibility. This reduces spare holding costs and allows an effective “Grow on Demand”.

The UMUX delivers optical Ethernet and SHDSL to connect broadband services. Together with the integrated V5 and MEGACO signalling interfaces, UMUX is ideal for the set up of conventional voice or multi-service access networks.

The UMUX 1500 is suitable for large access nodes where large numbers of subscribers accumulate and are transferred to the core network and provides maximum transmission technology in the smallest of spaces and is designed for fitting in a main station, or a subscriber access node. At a height of 8U, UMUX 1500 has 21 slots and can include redundant central modules and power supplies that guarantee maximum failure safety. It supports up to 480 POTS, or up to 112 ISDN-BA subscribers and offers cross-connect capacity of 128 x 2 Mbps as digital 1/0 and 1/1 cross-connect system.

The compact UMUX 1200 is designed for small to medium access nodes, for installation in BTS (Base Tranceiver Station)/Node B locations or in cabinets alongside traffic infrastructures and is perfect for insertion as a subscriber access node in multi-apartment houses, or for remote nodes in rural areas. It can also be used to connect base stations in mobile phone networks (e.g. GSM, UMTS). At 4 U it has 8 slots. The UMUX 1200 has a cross-connect capacity of 48 x 2 Mbps. UMUX 1200 can operate on DC current, but can also be fitted with an alternating current power unit, so that it will work on the public power supply system. UMUX 1200 can be inserted vertically or horizontally.

UMUX Platform Highlights:

  • Large variety of interfaces
    • Telephony (Magneto, E&M, POTS, ISDN-BA)
    • Data (G.703, V.11, V.24, V.35, ...)
    • Ethernet (100BaseT, 100BaseFX, GbE)
    • PDH interfaces (2 Mbps, 34/45 Mbps)
    • SDH interfaces (electrical and optical STM-1/-4 interfaces)
  • VoIP media gateway (H.248/MEGACO)
  • V5.x interfaces for connection to traditional exchanges
  • EoS (Ethernet over SDH)
  • SDH Add-drop Multiplexer and Digital Cross Connects
  • Data transmission in mobile telephony access networks
  • Functional in a wide range of temperatures -20 °C to +70 °C
  • Completely integrated network management system UCST/UNEM

Example Applications

1. Ethernet Services via SDH Networks

UMUX Ethernet via SDH Networks

2. Terrestric Transmission in Mobile Networks

Terrestric Transmission in Mobile Networks

3. Safety sensitive Data Transmission for Railways

Safety sensitive Data Transmission for Railways

4. Transmission of application-critical data on long routes

Transmission of application-critical data on long routes



Number of slots: UMUX 1500 - 21, UMUX 1200 - 8
Power Supply: UMUX 1500 - -40 V DC ... -72 V DC, UMUX 1200 - -48 V DC, -60 V DC, -115 V AC, -230 V AC

Mechanical Properties of the Subracks

Unit high: UMUX 1500 - 8U (with cable tray), UMUX 1200 - 4U
Dimensions: UMUX 1500 - 308.2 x 483 x 240 mm, 7430, UMUX 1200 - 483 x 176.1 x 240 mm, 4890 g
Max. dimensions (with cable tray and front cover): UMUX1500 - 395.3 x 483 x 283 mm, UMUX1200 - 483 x 176.1 x 283 mm
Installation: UMUX 1500 - 19” or ETSI rack, UMUX 1200 - 19” or ETSI rack, Wall mounting

Operation Environment

Standard: According to ETS 300 019-1-3, class 3.2
Temperature range (without forced ventilation): -20 °C ... +55 °C
Temperature range (with forced ventilation): -20 °C ... +70 °C
Humidity: Up to 95 % (on condensing)

Other Standards

Electromagnetic compatibility: EN 55022, class B
Safety: IEC/EN 60950-1, EN 50129, EN 50129-1, EN 50129-2
RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety): EN 50126

SDH Uplink Interface

SDH STM-1/STM-4 bit rates: 622 Mbps or 155 Mbps (optical and electrical)
VC cross connect capacity: 36 x 36 VC-3, 18 x 18 VC-4, 693 x 693 VC-12

PDH Uplink Interface

G.703 (75 or 120 ohms): Up to 4 x 2,048 kbps (optical)

Voice Transmission Standards

H.248/MEGACO: Acc. to ITU-T H.248.1 v1 (03/2002)
V5.1: Acc. to ETSI/ETS 300 324-1 (2000-4), ITU-T G.964 (2001-03)
V5.2: Acc. to ETSI/EN 300 347-1 (1999-12), ITU-T G.965 (2001-03)
Supported services: POTS, ISDN-BA, ISDN-PRA, MELCAS, E&M, Magneto signalling
POTS exchange interface

Data Capability

Sub bit rates multiplexing: Up to 4 sub bit rate channels <9.6 kbps in one time slot
Up to 4 sub bit rate channels <19.2 kbps in one time slot
Data interfaces: V.35, X.24/V.11, V.24/V.28, RS-485, 10/100BaseT, G.703, STM-1
SHDSL: Up to 2 Mbps, regenerators available


VLAN support: VLAN tagging or pass-through (IEEE 802.1Q), VLAN tag stacking (IEEE 802.1ad)
Ethernet switching: Switch bypass mode or standard IEEE 802.3 frames, Switching with port or VLAN tag ID

Ethernet over SDH

Standards: ITU-T G.707 – virtual concatenation, ITU-T G.7041 – GFP, ITU-T G.7042 – LCAS
Bit rates: 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps
Interfaces: 4 x 10/100/1000BaseT or 4 x 100BaseFX SFP slots
2 x 100BaseFX, GbE (SFP based)
Front connector type: 4 x RJ45, 2 x SFP slots

Power over Ethernet

PoE and PoE+: 802.3af, 802.3at