Full Hybrid Multi-service Access & Transport Platform for Communications Networks in Mission-Critical Systems

Networks in Mission-Critical Systems

We and our partner KEYMILE define Mission-Critical Systems (MCS) as dedicated network infrastructures that carry critical applications for HV/MV Energy & Distribution Grids, Gas & Oil Pipelines, National/Urban Railways, High-speed Railway Lines, Homeland Security, Public Safety, Air Traffic Management & Control communications.

We and KEYMILE believe that nothing is more important in MCS networks than guaranteeing the highest availability of each connection. With mission-critical data, downtime can mean risk to life and limb. The systems developed and produced by our partner KEYMILE stand apart due to their extreme reliability. From the outset, KEYMILE developers in Germany and Switzerland have placed the highest priority on achieving this goal. Key attributes were confirmed during the developmental phase of the German manufactured systems. These included top availability, maximum service life, ease of operation, straightforward maintenance, a good eco footprint, as well as being thoroughly future-proof in nature.

KEYMILE products, based on decades of experience, bring solutions that meet the stringent access & transport networks requirements for MCS in the areas of clock synchronization, scalability, protection, reliability, ultra-long lifecycles and backward compatibility. In addition, they bring flexibility which provides multi-service access for a wide range of applications and the simultaneous availability of circuit-based and packet-based technologies e.g. PDH/SDH and MPLS-TP.

KEYMILE addresses the evolution of MCS networks from TDM-based to packet-based services with its state-of-the-art full hybrid multi-service platform XMC20. The full hybrid concept allows for the co-existence of native TDM and packet-based access services within the same node, providing a perfect future-proof solution for MCS applications.

Key Highlights:

  • Full hybrid concept for co-existence and interworking of native TDM and packet services within the same node
  • Protection and redundancy functions for highly available data transmission
  • Wide range of applications and access interfaces supported
  • Support for various transmission interfaces and protocols, including 10 Gbps, SDH STM-16, MPLS-TP and many others
  • Fanless operation supported
  • Guaranteed long lifecycles due to state-of-the-art FPGA technologies and own manufacturing plant
  • Wide array of services which include 3rd party equipment integration and maintenance
  • All KEYMILE equipment and selected 3rd party equipment is managed under one Network Management System

Full Hybrid Multi-Service Access and Transport Platform

The XMC20 full hybrid platform supports the co-existence of native TDM and packet-based services within the same node, providing the flexibility for the customer to choose the best technology for its mission-critical application without the need to replace the network element. In addition, the XMC20 platform offers an unique array of gateway functions such as: TDM over Ethernet (SAToP), Ethernet over SDH (EoS), Ethernet over TDM (EoTDM) and SIP Media Gateway (VoIP Gateway), when interaction between TDM and packet-based technologies is required. The multi-service capabilities of the XMC20 platform support the increasingly wide range of Ethernet based access interfaces, whilst at the same time supporting existing TDM network technologies. Both can be directly connected to mission-critical applications without the need for additional external elements.

A future-proof Platform that secures your Investment

The XMC20 will help you to flexibly develop and expand your MCS network. You can exploit its diverse range of services and transport technologies with a single network element thanks to its unique full hybrid platform. With its capability to provide packet-based and TDM-based technologies, you can use XMC20 in a multi-service environment and simultaneously support Ethernet and TDM-based services. XMC20 leverages transport-grade technologies for both PTNs, with its state-of-the-art MPLS-TP function, and TDM-based Transport Networks, up to SDH STM-16. In addition, XMC20 allows TDM and Packet-based services/networks to communicate via its unique gateway units. This gives you complete freedom in the choice of access and transport interfaces.

With XMC20 you are not purchasing an off-the-shelf product. It continues to be developed to meet your evolving needs in secure facilities in Germany and Switzerland. Latest developments are integrated step by step ensuring state of the art solutions and enabling compliance with future requirements. This means that your investments are future-proof. An extensive integrated management system (UNEM) also gives you the chance to efficiently monitor your network and take appropriate actions to maintain your services.

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