ETRM01 2U 20-slot E1/T1 Cross Rate Converter Rack

2U 20-slot E1/T1 Cross Rate Converter Rack

The ETRM01 is a 2U 19 (23)" concentrator rack for E1 and T1 Cross Rate Converters in central office installations. There are 20 slots available for hot swappable FTEC cards. An optional SNMP card can be installed into the first slot for configuration and management, leaving 19 slots available for FTEC cards. The SNMP card provides both local control via an RS-232 serial console port and remote IP management using Telnet, web GUI, SNMP protocol. Each E1 card may be linked to a remote E1/T1 PABX or a stand-alone FTEC Unit. The ETRM01 accommodates an optional second hot swappable shared power supply module which may derive power from AC (100-240) or DC (-48V) power sources. On the front panel of FTEC, combinations of BNC and RJ-45 connectors are utilized for E1 and T1 Line interface connections.

2U 20-slot E1/T1 Cross Rate Converter Rack overview










  • Support G.802 Annex B
  • Enables equipment to operate at T1 and E1 rates.
  • Converts between T1 and E1 data and signaling.
  • Configurable A-law/u-law and signaling conversion.
  • Transparent conversion at 64kbps timeslot level.
  • Controlled slip for buffer over/underflow.
  • The 24 timeslots of T1(Nx64) can be inserted into E1(Nx64), 30/CAS or 31/CCS timeslots.
  • Local/remote loopback test capabilities on both T1 and E1 interface.
  • Complies with ITU-T G.703, G.704, G.823, G.824 recommendations.
  • Function setting via internal DIP switch setting or Console Port. (When SNMP card installed) Timing selection:
    Transparent timing,
    T1/E1 recovery timing
    Internal timing (1.544Mbps/2.048Mbps)
    External timing (1.544Mbps/2.048Mbps)
    Loopback timing

Power Redundancy

All the ETRM01 chassis power supplies are hot swappable and modular, installing two into a chassis provides redundancy should a single power supply fail. A fully loaded chassis can run continuously with only one power module fitted into the chassis.

Cooling Fan

To further increase system reliability, the ETRM01 chassis is fitted with two hot swappable fan modules. Both fan modules can be easily removed from the rear of the chassis, without interruption to the operation of the line cards. A fully loaded chassis can run continuously with only one fan module fitted into the chassis.

Chassis cascade

The ETRM01 features cascadeable management which allows managing a stack (up to 10 chassis) from a single IP address. Chassis are interconnected with standard UTP cables that carry control signals. Each chassis has its own ID, starting with the master chassis ID0 and cascading up to ID9.

Network Management

The ETRM01 chassis provides an NMC (Network Management Controller) card which must be installed into the first slot of chassis. The NMC card allows a network administrator with the ability to configure and monitor the status of the blades. Management can be achieved locally over RS232, or over the network by Telnet, Web or SNMP If the blades support Ethernet in the First Mile (IEEE 802.3ah), then the management module can also configure and monitor the status of a remote blade.

ETRM01 2U applications