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Home Products DSL ADSL Splitters CPE ADSL Splitter, MDF Low Pass Type

CPE ADSL Splitter, MDF Low Pass Type

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ALS-P10 CPE ADSL Splitter, MDF Low Pass Type

CPE ADSL Splitter, MDF Low Pass Type

The ALS-P10 filters with Siemens/Krone type terminals, can be directly plugged into the existing terminals at central office one by one, as needed, thus eliminating need for extra terminal blocks and cabling. This leads to lower costs compared with ordinary splitters deployment, which requires operators to install large splitter racks and equipment awaiting presumable future use. With the ALD-P10, no extra cabling or terminal blocks are needed and with Krone LSA Plus terminals, only minor new cabling is needed. The plug type filters are easy to install onto the terminal blocks with no extra tools required. Filters act like disconnection plugs in that the contacts inside the terminal are disconnected and the filter connects in series to the loop pair. The plug type splitter requires the space of two pairs of LSA Plus terminal block. Individual filters can be plugged adjacent to each other and will not block neighboring pairs from insertion of new wires. Thus ADSL can be connected to subscribers independently.


  • Individual splitter
  • Integrates directly in MDF (Main Distribution Frame)
  • POTS service available when splitter inserted or removed (make before break)
  • Various splitter designs available (POTS or ISDN)
  • Includes a “Krone LSA-Plus” test plug connector


Filter Type: Low Pass: Corner Frequency 7kHz (±1kHz).
Optimal matching 600ohms DC path Max. 100mA
High Pass Corner Frequency 22kHz (±2kHz).
Optimal matching 135ohms no DC path
Over Voltage: Filter Adapted to POTS voltages (Max. ±200V)
Dimensions: 104 x 18 x 20mm (D x W x H)
Weight: 45g