Products Portfolio - Introduction

Ethernet Business Services, DSLAM and Mobile Backhaul, Residential Broadband, and ITS Networking

Products Portfolio - Introduction

Leveraging Your Greatest Strategic Asset: Copper

Built on a rich history of innovation and a reputation based on field proven performance and reliability, Actelis Networks’ Ethernet over Copper aggregation switches, access devices, and repeaters enable network operators to get more high performance, reliable bandwidth to more places. By doing it over copper using the EFMplus suite of transmission technologies, we also do it quicker and at much lower cost. Actelis makes both G.SHDSL and DMT (VDSL2)-based EFM over Copper solutions, as well as ADSL and VDSL Broadband Amplifiers (the VBA and ABA). These BBAs enable delivering higher speed access to residential subscribers by enhancing the performance of any vendor’s DSLAMs. Actelis’ Industrial Ethernet Switches provide hardened, small form factor equipment designed with flexibility in mind to solve a broad range of intelligent traffic system, surveillance network, and industrial applications ranging from pipeline, railway, and utility applications. Offering EFM over Copper solutions with the utmost reliability and bandwidth/distance per pair, Actelis is the building block for high performance Ethernet.

The Actelis Networks Product Portfolio consists of the following:

Carrier Ethernet Aggregation Switches

Actelis’ Carrier Ethernet Aggregation Switches for the central office offer a variety of cost-effective systems for delivering Ethernet services over different copper network topologies and scenarios. These platforms can be used with Actelis’ ML600 EADs, and support EFMplus, DRB and DSS technologies.

Carrier Ethernet Aggregation Switches table

Carrier Ethernet Access Devices

Actelis’ Carrier Ethernet Access Devices deliver high-performance, highly reliable Carrier Ethernet services over existing copper and fibre infrastructures. Providing a low cost per bit with speeds ranging from 1-230 Mbps with our G.SHDSL EADs and up to 420 Mbps (DS+US) with out VDSL/ADSL2 EADs and are built on Actelis’ patented EFMplus technology.

Carrier Ethernet Access Devices table

Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) Repeaters

Actelis’ EFM Repeaters are the world’s most widely deployed 2-pair repeaters for 2Base-TL EFM systems. Actelis’ XR239SE Repeater supports Dynamic Spectral Shaping (DSS) to ensure that it can be used in carrier EFM networks safely and reliably to significantly extend the reach of Carrier Ethernet services and minimize any spectral interference well below regional spectral requirements. Actelis’ EFM Repeaters extend the distance service can be delivered to more than 9.5 miles, or 15 km, enabling more than 10 Mbps per pair of Ethernet services. They occupy a single slot in any industry-standard 239 mechanics enclosure  or common European Carrier-grade enclosures. All Repeaters are compliant with IEEE 802.3ah EFM standards and global and regional spectral requirements, including the ANSI T1.417- 2003 standard for Spectrum Management for Loop Transmission Systems by Telcordia.

Broadband Amplifiers (BBA)

Actelis’ family of Broadband Amplifiers (BBAs) includes ADSL (ABA) and VDSL (VBA) based models. Fully compatible with any vendors’ DSLAM, these ‘plug ‘n play’ line-powered devices enable service providers to offer triple play services to many more customers that were previously out of reach. Use of BBAs extends the operator’s customer serving area (CSA), reducing the number of new and smaller DSLAMs that immediately translates into reduced CapEx, streamlines OpEx, and optimized roll out of triple play services. The ABA can be used to expand ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ services for loops up to 26 kft, when installed at a minimum of 3 kft from the CO and 2 kft from the CPE. The table below shows the differences between the various ABA models, each optimized for different loop scenarios.

Broadband Amplifiers (ABA) table

The VBA can be used to double the coverage and achieve 35-40% gain for service bandwidth as can be seen from the table below:

Broadband Amplifiers (VBA) table

Network Management Simplified

With Actelis’ MetaASSIST™ EMS and MetaASSIST™ View, network operators can easily scale and manage their network, accelerating time to service and increasing service availability while reducing OpEx and complexity. MetaASSIST EMS offers core management capabilities, including Redundancy, Fault, Configuration, Performance, and Security Management, all of which are in accordance with the ITU-Telecommunication Management Network (TMN) standard and FCAPS model MetaASSIST View includes many enhancements far beyond conventional craft applications, thereby simplifying system installation and management. Features include Auto-Discovery, Graphical Bandwidth Utilization Tool, comprehensive on-line help, and step-by-step procedures.

NB: Detailed specifications for all Actelis Networks products are available on request - please contact us here



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