EN50155 Industrial Switches Overview

EN50155 Industrial Switches Overview

The  EN50155 certificatied ITP series meets EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility standard) requirements and EMS (Electromagnetic Susceptibility Protection) for surge, EFT, ESD, PFMF, DIP and other requirements. It is worth mentioning that the input voltage specification contains a requirement to deal with power interruptions. Conforming to EN61000-4-11 Voltage DIPs & Interrupts requirements, ITP’s power supply can provide steady power without functional failures at interruptions of up to 10 ms. In addition, the ITP series can withstand environmental disturbances including vibration and shock variations (IEC-61373). Equipped with these features, the ITP series is ideal for deployments in railways, buses, subways, high speed railways, transport and other industrial environments.

Employing Rugged M12 Connectors

EN50155 Anti-vibrationThe ITP series adopts compact and rugged M12 industry standard connectors for connectivity to ensure reliable operation for industrial applications especially those in environments with higher levels of vibration and shock. The ITP series’ M12 connectors are vibration, shock (IEC-61373) resistant and able to withstand extreme temperature and humidity. Therefore, they are popular for transport applications such as railways, buses or subways. The installation of M12 connectors is relatively easy and simple, just requiring direct M12 connection to vehicle systems. This quick and simple installation reduces installation and learning requirements to a minimum.

Employing Rugged M12 Connectors applications

Using IP67-Rated Housing to Protect against Dust, Oil and Water

EN50155 IP67 WaterproofOur EN50155 compliant Products are designed to be used in industrial and the harshest environments. With higher protection level - IP67 rating, they are able to protect against dust, oil and submission in water and to meet the most rigorous standards for extreme temperature, vibration, shock or humidity. EN50155 compliant products with M12 connectors and IP67 rating are purpose-built for automotive, manufacturing, oil, gas, mining and other industrial environments, requiring no extra housing protection.

EN50155 IP67 Waterproof applications

Supporting Power over Ethernet (PoE)

PoE capability enables PD devices such as surveillance cameras or wireless access points to be powered over standard twisted-pair Ethernet cable, eliminating the needs for external power for PD devices. The ITP products with PoE function are all fanless and designed in robust IP67 housing that make them suitable for din rail installation or wall mounting. Moreover, PoE models support IEEE 802.3af/802.3at standards which are able to provide up to 30W (use 50VDC or above) power supply per port. With power boost and regulation technology, PoE devices can offer 24~48V to 55V power supply for applications that need more power inputs.

Copper Interface Bypass Relay Function in Daisy Chain Topology

EN50155 compliant products offer two copper interfaces with auto bypass relay function in the event of sudden power loss particularly in daisy chain or linear topology structure. When power failure occurs in one of the switches on a train, bypass relay function can activate bypassing mechanism by interconnecting internal circuits automatically to ensure that links between carriages operate uninterrupted and continuously. With this function, secure data transmission from terminals to backbone and higher network availability can be guaranteed.

EN50155 Daisy Chain Topology application

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