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Optical Monitoring

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In this 'Product Spotlight' we take a look at the products available from Lanode for Optical Monitoring, the subject of a much broader 'Viewpoint' article published here...

Lanode's partner MICROSENS has realised the high vulnerability of the fibre infrastructure and offers an increasing range of detecting and securing network elements... these and some other complimentary products are featured below:

Optical Monitoring


  • The suite comprises the OM1 Optical Power Meter which constantly monitors the optical power level in a live optical network. It is inserted between the link receiver, or the input of a WDM system, and the dark fibre. Variations of the optical power level are immediately detected and can trigger alarms.
  • The OM2 Optical Spectrum Analyzer is used to measure and visualize the wavelength within a DWDM cable and may generate network alarms depending on a number of wavelength related issues. The OM2 is used in combination with the OM3 Optical Tap Coupler module. The passive coupler is inserted into the data path and extracts 1% of the light to its monitor port. The OM2 connects to the monitor port. In practical applications there may be several points in the network that use the OM3 to provide a tap port, while just one or several OM2 may be moved about in the network upon requirements.

  • The FM100 Fibre Monitor is a real-time optical fibre network monitoring & testing system that is able to detect fibre damages, fibre cuts and fibre degradation over time. The system performs active (live) fibre monitoring by using WDM coupler to separate measurement data from live data traffic. The system is independent of the application and data rate. Based on the OTDR(i) principle, the FM100 Fibre Monitor precisely profiles the attenuation graph of a given fibre. Any variation from the stored profile will trigger an alarm.

  • The LP1 Line Protection constantly monitors the optical power levels of two separate fibre optic cables. When the power levels drop below a user defined threshold the internal optical switch re-routes the data to the alternative backup fibre. By operating the LP1 fibre problems are instantly detected and circumvented before the attached network equipment reacts.