In this 'Product Spotlight' we feature our expanded relationship with Keymile, the world of MSAN's - Multi Service Access Nodes and the product solutions now available from Lanode. MSAN's are network devices that provide the boundary between customer interfaces and the transport network.

MSAN's have overcome many of the historical service limitations by integrating multiple network functions into a single platform using a standard power source with a standard cable set in a relatively small footprint, and this brings real benefits in terms of CAPEX & Operating Expenses (OPEX). Customer facing services such as traditional voice, DSL and leased line services can be provisioned as well as new emerging IP based services such as optical Ethernet, VoIP and 'Video on Demand', all delivered from the same hardware.

Along with our partner KEYMILE, we are now focusing on two complimentary paths:

Broadband Systems


The requirements of a modern telecommunications network are many and varied. Whether you are providing legacy telephony, business services or Triple Play – the KEYMILE IP-based multi-service access platform MileGate supports you. With its extensive multi-service characteristics, MileGate combines carrier grade broadband access, telephony and data interfaces in one single, compact Next-Generation Access platform. MileGate has been developed for the Next-Generation Network (NGN), but it also supports legacy technologies. This feature makes MileGate an advanced IP-MSAN, enabling seamless migration of services and providing them via copper and optical fibre for FTTx applications.

Mission Critical Systems

XMC20 Hybrid Multi-Service platform

We define Mission-Critical Systems (MCS) as dedicated network infrastructures that carry critical applications for HV/MV Energy & Distribution Grids, Gas & Oil Pipelines, National/Urban Railways, High-speed Railway Lines, Homeland Security, Public Safety, Air Traffic Management & Control communications.

KEYMILE addresses the evolution of MCS networks from TDM-based to packet-based services with its state-of-the-art full hybrid multi-service platform XMC20. The full hybrid concept allows for the co-existence of native TDM and packet-based access services within the same node, providing a perfect future-proof solution for MCS applications. The XMC20 platform consists of the following:

  • The XMC20 which operates as a centralized MPLS-TP switch, supporting state-of-the-art Packet-based Transport Networks (PTNs), to achieve the highest reliability in the market today (e.g. sub 50 ms switch-over times).
  • The COGE5 is a core unit for the XMC20 subracks, designed for packet-switched transport and optimized for applications in mission-critical networks.
  • The XMC22, 23 and 25 subracks of the hybrid Multi-Service platform XMC20 system provide comprehensive Multi-Service features in compact casings.
  • The XMC20 has a wide range of cards available which are summarised here...

The MSAN's range also includes:

  • The XMP1, which is a modular, flexible and highly integrated Multi-Service Access System within a single network element, that switches signals on 8/64 kbps level for PDH and VC-12, VC-3 and VC-4 level for SDH.

Live Demo of FRM220 Chassis

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