In this, our latest 'Product Spotlight' we feature the suite of products available from Lanode for Industrial Ethernet Solutions.

Industrial Ethernet applications range from collecting environmental information to video surveillance of critical systems. Transportation and traffic companies rely on the selection of such communication and data technology for:

  • increasing future data rates

  • high security requirements

  • maximum availability

  • demand for transmission of real time data

  • use in rough environments along the transportation tracks such as highways, tunnels, waterways

Easy operability, speed, reliability and security are important factors for the efficient and economical operation of railway systems and equipment in the transportation sector. Therefore our Industrial Fibre products are hardened and adaptable for harsh and industrial environments.

Lanode's Industrial Ethernet Portfolio

Industrial Ethernet Solutions

Industrial Ethernet Products

Our Industrial Ethernet products are typically used to build redundant LAN backbones for Intelligent Transportation Systems. The range includes:

Live Demo of FRM220 Chassis

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