Lanode announce the availability of Uni-Directional Data Security Diodes

Lanode expand their extensive range of secure networking solutions for Central Government & Defence.

London – 21st March 2011 – Lanode, a specialist provider of networking, transmission and data communication solutions, is pleased to announce the availability of a range of Uni-Directional Data Security Diodes, developed by Canary Communications. A Fast-Ethernet Media Converter is also available.

As Donal McDonnell, Managing Director said - “Lanode have a proven track record in implementing secure systems, equipment and solutions to the MoD and Central Government. The sector has looked to us for technical expertise and practical solutions ranging from simple requirements to complex or high security installations, where performance is critical. We understand installation standards such as JSP480 and over the years have provided innovative solutions to complex networking problems, often involving the transmission of sensitive data”.

These network devices ensure data can only travel in one direction and are commonly used to provide connections between networks of differing security classifications. Our Uni-Directional, Single-Point, Data Security Diodes are used in environments where two-way communications introduces the risk that high-value servers and their sensitive data could be subject to purposeful, malicious attack or inadvertent corruption. The resulting loss of critical data, denial-of-service, or its non-availability, can be fatal to mission-critical activities. These devices forward information originating from an unsecured open source to a restricted High-Security destination. They simultaneously partition the data path to stop all return-path transmissions and completely block the reverse transmission of sensitive information. You can also position them to selectively forward authorised data originating from a secured, trusted source to weakly protected, insecure destinations. It also blocks the return path to shield the secure source from hidden viruses, Trojans, malicious instructions or other intrusion attempts.

The Uni-Directional, Fast Ethernet Media Converters are designed for one-way data transmission across a single fibre strand and are optimised for environments where two-way communications is undesirable.

Live Demo of FRM220 Chassis

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