6th, February 2024

End of Life NoticeBRICH01 02 04

FRN220-BRI-ST002 Basic rate ISDN multimode modem

FRM220-BRI-ST015 Basic rate ISDN singlemode modem

FRM220-BRI-SA Basic rate standalone AC powered ISDN modem

FRM220-BRI-SD Basic rate standalone DC powered ISDN modem


Lanode today announces that the FRM220-BRI basic rate ISDN fibre optic modems will have their final manufacturing run this autumn.  Customers are advised that final orders need to be placed by July 31st, 2024.

Introduced way back in the early 80's ISDN was the first attempt to standardise the transmission of digital voice, video and data. Now its time is perhaps nearing the end.   Increasing difficulties in securing components for manufacture and the withdrawal of ISDN services in Europe means that our venerable FRM2-BRI/ST2 is reaching the end of its lifetime too. The FRM2-BRI/ST2 extends a single Basic Rate ISDN (ISDN2, BRI) service over fibre optic cabling. Its ease of set-up and installation have made it the go to product for many applications that involve such transmission - secure video conferencing, BRENT over fibre and complex Red/Black scenarios.


The Products covered by this notice include:

FRM220-BRI-ST2  Multimode ISDN modem card

FRM220-BRI-ST2SA  Multimode ISDN standalone AC powered modem

FRM220-BRI-ST2DA  Multimode ISDN standalone DC powered modem

FRM220-BRI-ST15 Singlemode ISDN modem card.

Full support, repair and maintenance facilities will remain in place until August 1st 2029.



End of Notice.