xDSL Test set for Openreach SoGEA, SoGFAST and SoTAP

SoGEA Tester


Simplify commissioning of IP subscriber lines

The ARGUS 153-SO is the ideal instrument for fast, simple commissioning of all SoGEA, SoGFast and SoTAP lines.

Compact, robust and light: the ARGUS 153-SO multifunction measuring device tests interfaces and services rapidly and reliably in a compact,  handheld unit.  This instrument lets you test G.Fast, VDSL2, ADSL2+, Gigabit Ethernet and the physical layer characteristics of the subscriber line with no module changes.  A high-quality, high-performance VDSL/ADSL/G.Fast chipset enables powerful test performance and rapid analysis.

Speed up fault rectification

Carrier class tests make it easy to identify the precise nature of faults and where they originate from.  Comprehensive recording of CRC errors, Forward Correction,  Signal to Noise ratio,  Loop Attenuation and the individual Tones assist in communicating any issues to the backbone network provider.  A line scope provides an easy to use visual indication of the presence of line noise.




Argus153-SO SoGEA Test Set Graphs




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